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Our new overhauled website is now complete.

CD Catalog: 
We now have a 30 second listening sample of all the tunes. You can now download any of them to MP3 files.

DVD Catalog:

Selected tunes are linked to  for sample viewing. Further releases will be

Download Catalog:

Our ongoing project is the mastering of hundreds of never-before-released tunes from a variety of artists. So keep checking for updates.

New Releases:
Our newest cd has now been released. A septet with some of the famous West Coast artists we all know and love, it is a live jam session that runs for 72 minutes and is absolutely outstanding. So check out WPCD186 in our cd catalog. Carl Fontana, Conte Candoli, Pete Candoli and Bill Perkins along with a stellar rhythm section of Keith Greko, Warren Jones and Dom Moio.

Also, look for WPDDL37-2 our new download release. Carl Fontana and Buddy Childers with Brian O'Rourke, John Daly and Dave Cook. Included is a swinging vocal by Joni Janak.

That's it for now.

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